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Warwick Central Asia Forum makes connections between Central Asian communities in the UK, rebuilding a time-neglected bridge between two worlds.

The Crossroads.

Where the ancient keeps step with the mod­ern, the past is weaved into the future.

A tapes­try of cul­tures, cli­mates, reli­gions and races bris­tle in the bustling heart of a fast-chang­ing region. Cre­ativ­i­ty keeps stride with con­flict — tra­di­tion with change. From buzzing city streets to bucol­ic high plains — Cen­tral Asia pos­es end­less ques­tions — ques­tions the world can­not afford to ignore.

With a pow­er­ful dias­po­ra and grow­ing geopo­lit­i­cal rel­e­vance, issues of cul­ture, secu­ri­ty and devel­op­ment have entered glob­al discourse.

The Forum is a place to share infor­ma­tion and fos­ter dis­cus­sion about this fast-paced dynam­ic region, pro­vid­ing a plat­form to organ­ise, inter­act and write about the top­ics that inter­est you. Cen­tral Asia will no longer be left from the pages of world history.

A Central Asia conference in the UK.

Enter­ing its sec­ond year, the UK’s first stu­dent-run Cen­tral Asia con­fer­ence will take place at the begin­ning of 2019 at the Uni­ver­si­ty of War­wick. The con­fer­ence seeks to bring togeth­er the worlds of acad­e­mia, pol­i­tics, busi­ness and cul­ture to dis­cuss top­ics regard­ing Cen­tral Asia’s place in the world.

Speech­es and break­out ses­sions on top­ics rang­ing from region­al secu­ri­ty to the one belt one road project will dom­i­nate the day, and ample oppor­tu­ni­ty for net­work­ing and dis­cus­sion will be pro­vid­ed at state-of-the-art con­fer­ence facilities.

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The Uni­ver­si­ty of War­wick is locat­ed in the heart of Eng­land, three miles from the cen­tre of Coven­try, on the bor­der with Warwickshire.

Coven­try Rail Sta­tion is the near­est main-line train sta­tion to the Uni­ver­si­ty, and there’s a fre­quent local bus ser­vicePay and dis­play park­ing is avail­able on cam­pus, though it can get very busy dur­ing the day.

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