Enter­ing its second year, Warwick’s own Cent­ral Asia con­fer­ence is recruit­ing! We are look­ing to cre­ate a new organ­ising team that will help the Cent­ral Asia For­um con­tin­ue to grow and thrive here at War­wick.

What is CAF?

The Cent­ral Asia For­um is the first stu­dent-run con­fer­ence on the region mak­ing con­nec­tions between Cent­ral Asia and the UK, rebuild­ing a time-neg­lected bridge between two worlds. We run film screen­ings and aca­dem­ic and cul­tur­al talks, all lead­ing up to our main event, the for­um itself in the begin­ning of 2019. Our main focus regions are Cent­ral Asia (Kaza­kh­stan, Kyrgyz­stan, Uzbek­istan, Tajikistan and Turk­menistan) and the Cau­cas­us (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Geor­gia).

Who are we looking for?

We are recruit­ing stu­dents who are enthu­si­ast­ic to learn about the region and work as part of our team. There is no need to be from the region, to be an under­gradu­ate, or to have pri­or exper­i­ence in study­ing Cent­ral Asia.

Some CAF volun­teers at our 2018 con­fer­ence.

Applic­a­tion dead­line: 14 Octo­ber 2018, mid­night