Style Guide


The CAF logo looks like this. Like all the best cor­por­ate logos, it doesn’t play well with oth­ers and needs a 50% exclu­sion zone.

It’s an exer­cise in neg­at­ive space. That’s to say that it’s see-through. The cent­ral part doesn’t stay white when imposed upon a pic­ture of a green sea.


This page demon­strates that, for most applic­a­tions, CAF’s mono­chrome ensemble will suf­fice.

#000 Black

#fff White

For high days, hol­i­days and top level design decisions, bright­er col­ours join the fray. Right now, these are blue and yel­low.

#002554 Pantone 655 C (Blue)

#ffcd00 Pantone 116 C (Yel­low)


CAF uses two typefaces: Libre Frank­lin for para­graphs and head­ings, Della Res­pira for occa­sion­al bylines and sub­head­ings.

Both of these are avail­able on the Open Font License, which means that you are free to down­load and use them.

Libre Frank­linDown­load

Cred­it: Pablo Impal­lari, Rodrigo Fuen­za­l­ida and Nhung Nguy­en

Della Res­piraDown­load

Cred­it: Nath­an Wil­lis

CAF text should be left aligned and kerned nor­mally. Stretched track­ing in lower­case text is a dread­ful look.

Please note that Della Res­pira has only one weight and no ital­ics. Some soft­ware will silently gen­er­ate unat­tract­ive faux bold and oblique let­ter­forms. Do not use these.

Commercial Alternatives

When print­ing jus­ti­fied para­graphs at small point sizes – for example in an event pro­gramme, bro­chure or magazine art­icle – our screen-optim­ised free fonts aren’t so great. Expens­ive com­mer­cial typefaces (ITC Frank­lin Goth­ic and ITC Souven­ir) are the answer. These are both bundled with Adobe soft­ware, so if you’re equipped enough to need them, you already have them.

ITC Frank­lin Goth­icMore
ITC Souven­irMore

To give some vague impres­sion con­sist­ency, don’t use ITC Frank­lin Goth­ic for big head­lines. Stick with Libre Frank­lin, since we don’t need the other’s bet­ter print beha­viour.


CAF has a small lib­rary of images that are either free use or pre-cleared for use. Fill your boots.

I want to make a special share image for my favourite social media platform’

Stop right there. Don’t do that. Use one of these instead.

Closing thoughts

CAF needs good typo­graphy. If you haven’t already, read But­t­er­ick.

The post­mod­ern­ist is not con­cerned with con­sist­ency. The design­er very much is. Do as I say. Thank you.

Design and devel­op­ment by Will.