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  • Creative Bishkek: Rafael Vargas-Suarez

    Creative Bishkek: Rafael Vargas-Suarez

    Vargas-Suarez Universal , is a contemporary artist based between New York and, for the last three years, Bishkek

  • Creative Bishkek: Group 705

    Creative Bishkek: Group 705

    For the latest interview in the Central Asia Forum’s Creative Bishkek series; meet Group 705; Kyrgyzstan’s answer to the Situationist International. Marat Raiymkulov is a Kyrgyz artist who has been involved in Bishkek-based art collective Group 705 since its inception in 2005. Drawing on an absurdist philosophy, the group is primarily concerned with animation, drawing,…

  • Creative Bishkek: Ulan Djaparov

    Creative Bishkek: Ulan Djaparov

    CAF interviews Ulan Djaparov, the godfather of contemporary art in post-Soviet Bishkek.

  • Creative Bishkek: Chihoon Jeong

    Creative Bishkek: Chihoon Jeong

    ‘I saw Bishkek as an unfilled linen canvas; one that I wanted to paint on’. Chihoon Jeong is a South Korean entrepreneur based in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. His Korean chicken restaurant Chicken Star has quickly established itself as a creative hub in the city, with regular cultural events and local art on the walls (including works…

  • Creative Bishkek: Aida Sulova

    Creative Bishkek: Aida Sulova

    Creative Bishkek: Aida Sulova is the second interview of the series introducing the lives and work of talented and creative people from Bishkek, who are helping to establish Kyrgyzstan’s capital as the region’s cultural hub Kyrgyz artist and curator, Aida Sulova, developed Bishkek’s leading art centre: Asanbay. She has helped produce public art in the…

  • Creative Bishkek: Maksat Sydykov

    Creative Bishkek: Maksat Sydykov

    Maksat Sydykov reflects on his role in the world of contemporary Kyrgyz ballet.